Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Murchison to Blenheim

After we left Murchison we drove through to Nelson and the scenery along the way was absolutely spectacular. Ian stopped many times and took photos of the trip.
We stopped in Nelson and then decided to take a walk through the Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve which is located midway between Nelson and Blenheim. There are lots of lovely walks around this area and we walked across a swing bridge and took in the view of the beautiful clear water below. One thing we have noticed everywhere we’ve been tramping is the beautiful ice blue clear water. You truly can see the bottom of every river and the shape of individual rocks is clearly discernable. Today some courageous tourists were even swimming in the ice cold water. We didn’t!
Our next stop is Hamner Springs where we will break out the bathers and enjoy the Springs for a couple of days.

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