Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Hanmer Springs

What a great place to feel really decadent! Obviously this is where the beautiful people go to veg out. We stayed in a really lovely self contained bed and breakfast which was quite luxurious and within walking distance to the town and the Springs which we spent a couple of hours enjoying in varying degrees of smell, the sulphur is a little overpowering in the hottest pool but we were assured it is very beneficial.
However the very best thing about Hanmer Springs (in my opinion at least) is the proximity to the Annual Culverden Fete, which I swear I didn’t know was on the first day we arrived in Hanmer.
This is the most fantastic event if you like really high class Farmers markets which also showcase a huge array of New Zealand Craft and produce. All the beautiful people were there and we joined them for a lovely day looking and tasting a number of New Zealand delicacies. I tried the venison which was so tender it absolutely melted in my mouth and we left feeling well satisfied. However I know it is hard to believe but I didn’t buy anything as we were concerned about losing it thru Customs (damn customs, damn!). It was a great day none the less and you can see from the photos how beautiful it was. An event not to be missed if you can manage it!
Sadly, now on to Christchurch and home.

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