Monday, 2 August 2010

Guurrbi Tour

This tour has to be the highlight to date for us. We started our day at 8.30 at a meeting point near Quondong Creek about 10 minutes from our campsite at Endeavour Falls. There we met Nugal-warra Elder and story teller Willie Gordon who spent the next four hours telling us the stories of the people of the area and showing us the magnificent country and rock art sites. It is difficult to put into words what we learnt, our heads were spinning but in a great way.
We learnt about the country, the plants, animals bush medicine and foods as well as how the art came to be and what they mean. We learnt the importance of three things, Spiritual, Education and Economics, and the importance of the interrelationship between them. We also had a large dose of politics and philosophy from this highly educated and wise man. Each site we visited as well as many other spots along the walk, was explained by Willie, both from a traditional history point of view and also how the knowledge is relevant today. He also talked about his desire to share this knowledge both with us and his own young people to inspire them.
As we walked Willie would pick a bunch of leaves, scrunch it in his hands and magically a hand lotion, hand wash or wound dressing would materialise. His grandfather was born in a cave which we visited, and his people were removed from their traditional lands by the government during the Second World War. We spent time in the cave were the women stay in their very late stage of pregnancy, and then to the birth site, and saw fascinating rock art relevant to the places.
We both have struggled with how to describe our morning and to do it justice. We think the best thing is to say if you’re in the area, or even remotely close by you should come and do the tour yourself. It certainly will stay in our memory for a very long time.
Willie’s website is so you can see for yourself a little more.

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Guurrbi Tours said...

Thank you for making our day! It was so lovely to read that you enjoyed your time with us and your stay in Cooktown. We hope the rest of your trip is every bit as enjoyable.
With very best wishes for a safe and happy onward journey.
Willie & Judy