Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Peter Denny Lookout Friday 11th May 2012

On the road towards Geraldton we stopped at the Peter Denny Lookout for the night which turned out to be a very nice surprise. From the road it is hard to see the back of the camp but as we drove back we found a spot right beside what we can only call a canyon . There were high walls around on three sides and an almost flat bottom. It would have been a great place to keep cattle secure if only as is so common hereabouts, there was water. We had a lovely night and watched the roos early in the morning which you could hardly see until they moved and then there seemed to be many groups.

The following morning we set out to our next overnight stop at Indarra which was OK but uninspiring except that we thought we had skipped home to Dookie, the country looked so similar with a field freshly cropped in front of us.

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